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Lord's Nest

In 2006, we began to work with Brother Shadrach and the Lord’s Nest  to build an orphanage in the Kadapah district in Ardesh Pradesh.

As of June 2011, government clearance was obtained and building commenced.  In 2012, the Lord's Nest became an official part of our church. The Lord spoke to us that the Lord's Nest is going to be the legacy left for FCC's children and the children of Kamalapuram. In March 2013, the Lord's Nest shall begin operating as a sanctuary to orphan children. Our strategic plans include the following items: completing phase 2 (25 children); sending a missionary; and planting a Church. It is our prayer that the new Church will provide the primary logistical, spiritual, and financial support of the orphanage.

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10 AM A time to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ and be equipped to live our faith.

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