Church Ministries

Abolition of Slavery

We are committed to ending slavery in all its forms. 

In May 2011, during the Foursquare Church's International Convention in Columbus, OH a number of our church members, were greatly moved by a ministry that helped free former sex workers from Kathmando, Nepal. During the fall of that same year, our Women's Ministry led by Heather Beaufils and Erica Braun held a benefit to assist this Kathmandu Ministry. This experience did much to inform our church of the issue of human trafficking (slavery). Later that year (2011), Pastor Beau received a revelation during a business trip in Dallas, TX that pornography is linked to sexual slavery; moreover, the Holy Spirit revealed that the sex industry is in fact a single industry and that all the elements are linked. After receiving additional training from a Dr. Judith Reisman lecture and attending Pure Desire University (Dr. Ted Roberts and Diane -, Family Christian Center began the process of preparing itself to enter the battle to end slavery (i.e., human trafficking). Since our first classes in 2013, we believe as of Jan 2017, we have had the privilege of directly serving 50 souls (Men, Women, and Teens). A number of these individuals have attended other churches.

It is our prayer that in 2017 and beyond that we will have the opportunity to assist other churches, schools, and christian and secular organizations begin the process of breaking the link. For more information, please visit this ministry's website at

If you would like to join a group, please feel free to contact (for men) or (for women).


Our team consists of the following individuals:

Group Leaders

Pillar 7 (Men) Group Leaders: Pastor Beau 

Pillar 8 (Women) Group Leader: Need Leaders

Betrayal (Women) Group Leader: 

Top Gun (Young Men Study) Group Leaders: Gabe Rogers, Caleb Mylek, Josh Hannum Sr. 

Behind the Mask Group Leader: Youth Group Female Leaders

Conquer Series (Women) - Jen Hannum 


Women's Director - Seeking a new Leader

Director - Pastor Igor "Beau" Beaufils

Weekly Events

Sunday Celebration

10 AM A time to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ and be equipped to live our faith. More info...

Tuesday Youth Group

6:30 PM Jr. High and High school students connecting through worship, fun and service at our Youth Ministry.

Wednesday Prayer & Worship

7 PM A time to celebrate midweek with the community.