Our Vision

We fulfill our mission by living the vision.

We fulfill our mission by living the vision. At FCC, this means that we are focused on strengthening the family, local evangelism, church unity, international missions, leadership development, and in March 2012, the Lord has called us to join the many Christian and secular organizations to see the abolition of slavery in the Greater Toledo area.

Family is a gift from God. It is our determination to help and support families in becoming a blessing to both the family members and the community. We focus our Church evangelistic efforts on the families in Toledo (particulary South Toledo). We believe it is Jesus' desire to find us in one accord (Acts 2:1). This is why we actively work with "God Fearing", "Bible Believing" Churches of many persuasions to spread Jesus' Good News. We devote a significant percentage of our financial resources and time towards international missions. It is our great joy to see those who are devoted to Jesus grow in leadership. It is our prayer that soon we will be able to start new Churches and organizations that will join us in living and spreading the good news.

If you would like to learn more about Family Christian Center we invite you to go to our forms page - https://www.aroundthefamily.com/resources/forms/ - and download the meet the church pdf.

Weekly Events

Sunday Celebration

10 AM A time to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ and be equipped to live our faith.

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